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FastCap Product Problems / RCV AMPERAGE
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:36:42 PM »
I have been using the original RCV Fastcap for 3 years on my Vac and it suddenly stopped working. However, it does turn-on other electric devices plugged into it, but will not turn on not my vac it still works fine on low AMPS tools. I just noticed that my RCV has a 11amps limit and my Vac actually draws 13 amps. I donít know if that is the problem because it has been working on my 13 amp vac for years.
I have 3 questions:
1- any clue why it just stopped turning on the Vac? It turned it on for the past 3 years! Any way to fix this?
2- the newer model of RCV is rated 15 amps so it should work with my 13 amp Vac. But will my original remote ( smaller remote inside a velcro band) turn on the new Rcv? I really like the velcro band, It wraps very securely around my wrist, itís not in he way and I find it very convenient. I would like to use the old remote with the new 15 AmpsmRCV if possible.
3- the new yellow remote model that comes with the new 15 Amps RCV is much larger than the older model and comes with a thin rubber band that would be difficult to secure firmly on my wrist because of itís much larger size.  Is there a velcro band available for the new remote?

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