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Lean Manufacturing / Standardizing work for varied productio
« Last post by westinbrodey on Today at 05:19:10 AM »

I work in a manufacturing lab that produces products for clinical diagnostics. We make reagents, calibrators, and controls for a wide range of blood, urine, etc. tests. There are over 300 different products produced by our department. There are many common aspects between the products but the actual manufacturing processes vary greatly. I am looking for ideas on how to standardize work through out the department.

Please help 

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healthcare product marketing

FastCap Product Problems / FastEdge tear out
« Last post by guardo83 on February 16, 2018, 08:00:02 AM »
I'm doing a project with unfinished Maple FastEdge.  So far 2 out 8 edges have come out. Otherwise, when trimming the edges there is a lot of tear out into the face. So much that sanding would not fix it. 1/4 to 1/2 the face. The 2 that came out required sanding. I'm using the quad pro trimmer that I purchased new for this project. I've watched the video, that's pretty much what I'm doing. I thought it was about how I was rolling at first. But I've been tolling like crazy and even doing the pre trimming with a utility knife. Still bad tear out.

Any thoughts on how I can make this work? I'm not even half done.

3/4 top choice plywood sanded and dust removed, 15/16 unfinished Maple FastEdge.

FastCap Product Problems / Re: Suggestion
« Last post by 3fletch on February 14, 2018, 04:10:42 AM »
This is a GREAT suggestion... FastCap will be enhancing every customer's "workflow" if you adopt this suggestion.
FastCap Product Problems / FastCap ProCarpenter Flatback tape measure
« Last post by 3fletch on February 14, 2018, 04:05:59 AM »
I have placed several orders with since I  visited your website after seeing a "plug" for your company and its products while watching Ron Paulk videos... and... up to this point have been very pleased with your products... so pleased that I have "subscribed".

However, I recently bought one of your flatback tape measures for sheet goods.  I have an issue with the tape's "hook" not laying flat when hooked on the end of plywood or a board with a 90 degree edge.  As soon as any tension... and I mean even a little tension... is applied to straighten out the tape, the hook slides up over the edge of the sheet good/board changing the measurement by anywhere from 1/32nd to a 1/16th of an inch.  If moderate tension is applied, the hook slides up and completely off the edge.

I love that the tape lays flat, has dual locking devices, a built in pencil/lead sharpener and a place to jot notes... but, I have switched back to my "stand-by" Stanley 33-116 for my woodshop work because I cannot trust your Flatback tape to hold tight on the edge of a board or sheet of plywood.

Could I have received a tape with a "faulty" hook?  Believe me, I have examined it closely and I am not able to see anything wrong with it... but, I have no "reference" to base that on.

Is my issue a common feedback item concerning your Flatback tape measures?

Thanks in advance for your response... 3fletch
Ask FastCap / Re: Laminate Flooring Problems
« Last post by FastCap on January 31, 2018, 12:27:20 PM »
I suggest you post this in the Member Projects or Building Material Category.
Ask FastCap / Laminate Flooring Problems
« Last post by dangdongho1 on January 31, 2018, 07:51:55 AM »
Can any one share your worst experience with laminate flooring? Mainly in rainy seasons how your floor turns out.
FastCap Product Review / Re: Torx drive
« Last post by FastCap on January 25, 2018, 08:16:15 AM »
Ryan, first of all we want you to be 100% happy and we are very sorry that we wasted any of your time. Secondly, the product works great but you cannot over torque them. You will break something. Itís inherent to the design of the screw head and the torques bit. Bottom line is you need to know when to stop. That is going to require a little different technique then youíre used to. We will replace any screws you want at no charge & send you as many driver bits as you want no charge. We want you happy.  Please contact Sandi (

Your comments about making a small PowerHead instead of a taper is well noted. Letís see how the taper screws do.
Ask FastCap / Re: Apply iron-on edging with SpeedTape?
« Last post by bd82001 on January 19, 2018, 12:25:13 PM »
Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll give it a try on some scrap for the next time.
Ask FastCap / Laminate Flooring Problems
« Last post by dantruong02 on January 19, 2018, 06:18:26 AM »
Can any one share your worst experience with laminate flooring? Mainly in rainy seasons how your floor turns out.
Ask FastCap / Re: Apply iron-on edging with SpeedTape?
« Last post by FastCap on January 18, 2018, 02:49:14 PM »
It might work - but we don't recommend it - the bond between speed tape and unactivated adhesive may not be great, it would depend on the type of adhesive on the iron on edge banding. I believe each manufacturer that varies slightly. But it may be worth a try, and if it fails, then just iron it on at that point.
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