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Acceptable fasteners for Stealth SpeedBrace

I'm mounting a ~18" wide quartz countertop on a pony wall that's just shy of 9' long. I purchased a set of the 12" Stealth Speedbraces which I plan to install prior to the countertop company's installation. They claim I don't need braces for a 12" overhang, but I figured it cannot hurt to add a little extra safety to the installation.

My question is, is there a prescribed fastener size for mounting the brackets? I know they are countersunk to accept the fastcap 9/16" screw, but I can't justify special ordering a pack of screws when I only need 16 (4 per brace).

I originally tried contacting the countertop sales associate for an engineer's specification for bracing or anything of the sort and was basically told they don't provide installation of bracing and she couldn't tell me any specs. I'm a little bewildered, but this is the local company that Ikea uses for their countertop sales and the stone has already been templated and paid for, so I don't have much choice other than to do any bracing on my own.

Topic starter Posted : 16/01/2019 12:10 pm

Sorry about that.  We will work to get this information online. The braces are designed to be mounted with either Fastcap’s Powerhead Screws, or with conventional bugle-head or drywall screws. You just need any screw with a head size greater than ¼” (so I would NOT try using a trim screw or the like). The shank and thread specifications do not matter too much. The screws simply need to hold the brace in place so it does not slide in the x/y direction, and so that it stays where it should be during counter installation. Once the counter is positioned over the brace, the weight of the countertop will be holding the backside of the speed brace (inside the pony wall), and the countertop has more weight NOT overhanging than it will overhang, so essentially the weight of the countertop itself will provide the downforce needed to keep the brace secure, so that the extended part acts as a perfect steel backer for the overhanging countertop.

Posted : 18/01/2019 12:41 am