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I have used the zip system on two projects now. so far there hasn't been any draw backs. in one case we also used the advantech sub floor. Both these products seem great. All of the sheet goods stayed flat, which i find makes it easier to make accurate cuts. Also I feel gives the owner/inspector/GC more confidence in what your building. it's still a new product and I don't think everyone is sold on it yet, but it looks to me like its just a matter of time. there is a small learning curve with taping, I would recommend purchasing the roller that huber makes for installing the tape. (maybe someone can chime in on a better roller and have fastcap make one.) there is a secondary benefit, air sealing. Zip system seems way ahead of tyvek in this department. Also the sheathing is marked for nailing, 6"o.c. around the perimeter 12" o.c. in the field.

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