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Torx drive

Thank you for making me terribly dislike a product I have loved for years. (powerhead screws) I never know if I will get square drive powerhead, or torx drives. I am constantly changing drivers as I have to keep 2 different ones going when changing screw size. I have also gotten batches of screws with the occasional different drive mixed in. You started this crusade some long time ago, and still seem to be doing the "switch over".
As far as the T20 drives, this was a poor decision from day 1. I break so many bits it is laughable. When I have to spend $40.00 in broken bits to install $150.00 worth of screws what is the point. ( I buy them by the 100) I have broken my share of square drives also, but nothing close to what I go through with the T20 drives.
Poor decision, you have frustrated a loyal customer that promotes your product. I wish you would have spent some time into research before you ruined this product.

Dave Stevens
Stevens Enterprises
Commercial Millwork

Topic starter Posted : 19/06/2017 10:49 am

Fastcap guarantees all the products for life. Your satisfaction is all we care about.  Please contact Sandi ( or 888-443-3748).  She’ll take care of you.

Regarding the new torx drive, this is our position:

- We will supply you with all the replacement bits you need at no charge, just call the number above and they will take care of you.

- We have tested the bit extensively as well as the torx drive and we find them superior unequivocally to the square drive. I fully understand that you are having difficulties with them, but may I suggest that you are applying too much pressure and that is why they are breaking? Torx will not stripped out like the square drive. Therefore, something has to "give".  And in this case, the bit will break. All you have to do as the operator is to develop a slightly different technique to know when to stop. You do this and I believe you will come to find out that the torx is a much better solution.

However, if you decide the torx is not a good solution for you we still offer most of the po*r sizes still in square drive and we will happily send you replacement ones in square drive.  Bottom line, we want to make you happy.

I will personally look into the fulfillment/inventory issue you mentioned.  Thanks for giving us the chance to make this better.  If you want to discuss further.  Contact me directly on WhatsApp or Voxer.  Paul

Posted : 21/06/2017 4:30 am

I totally agree with Dave.
    In my attempt to stream line my cabinet making/installation process I have eliminated all screws that are not #2 square drive.  This is because all pocket hole screws are #2 square drive.  So until you guys, or someone else starts making a t20 drive pocket hole screw, I'm staying square. 
    Secondly what is the rational behind not being offering the same lengths across the board on all screws no matter what the drive type? 
    Lastly is there any chance of ever seeing the mini head in longer lengths, like 1.25"-1.5".  These would be perfect for cabinet assembly.
Cheers Ryan

Posted : 10/12/2017 11:28 am

Ryan, I agree with all your points. We have tried so hard to do a great job with our screw line but we have screwed up quite a few pun intended 🙂

Regarding making the mini PowerHeads in a longer length, that is a very good idea. Why particularly do you think these would be useful for cabinet assembly?


Posted : 14/12/2017 1:17 am

Hello Paul,
Mini Powerheads would be useful for the assemble of cabinet boxes, as the geometry of the head would draw the sides to the top/bottom/stretcher closing any potential gaps on the inside, as opposed to the tapered head of a wood screw drawing itself through the cabinet side.  The diameter of the smaller head would fit nicer when working with 3/4" material.  I exclusively use pre-finished maple plywood for my cabinet parts.  I have attempted to use confirmed screws, but find they are too big, and the drill bits are too fragile, and not rated for use with plywood, only melamine.  I've settled on QuickTime combo drive screws again in the #2 square drive.
    Not to beat a dead horse regarding the Torx/#2square drive, but recently I had to buy a pack of 3" Torx Powerheads from my local hardwood store to complete a installation, and I broke both supplied driver bits within 24 screws.  I am using a Makita 18v impact driver, pretty standard.  I was only driving through (3) layers of plywood, no hardwood.  I sliced my finger open (the horror!) trying to remove the broken bit, so I could set the screw all the way down. It's great that you will proved replacements, but that does little to help me out on site in the middle of the day.  1/6 of the way through the box and I'm two bits down, means you should provide 12 bits per package?  Yikes!
I hope this criticism will be taken as constructive, as I am still a huge fan of your products. Cheers -Ryan-

Posted : 18/01/2018 12:37 am

Ryan, first of all we want you to be 100% happy and we are very sorry that we wasted any of your time. Secondly, the product works great but you cannot over torque them. You will break something. It’s inherent to the design of the screw head and the torques bit. Bottom line is you need to know when to stop. That is going to require a little different technique then you’re used to. We will replace any screws you want at no charge & send you as many driver bits as you want no charge. We want you happy.  Please contact Sandi (

Your comments about making a small PowerHead instead of a taper is well noted. Let’s see how the taper screws do.

Posted : 25/01/2018 12:16 am