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Material delivery in a J.I.T. Process


Hey guys, I have been focusing on a J.I.T. ( just in time ) approach. For the most part I have been pretty happy with the success. I think it gives us a edge on our competition, and I think are customers are extremely happy with the turn around time. There’s a few things that I am not thrilled with.
• if I want to get material delivered it might be several days out.
(I have switched suppliers where I can, but only 50% of my suppliers offer same day or next day delivery, the other 50% offer materials/products I can’t get anywhere else)
Otherwise someone is in a truck picking material/products
• I am next day airing specialty products (I could stock this stuff, but I am finding this to be the best, however it can be extremely expensive at times)
• errors are made during material take offs, this might be making assumptions that a certain fastener is stocked at a local supplier. To a unusual beam that has a substantial lead time.
Does anyone have any recommendations on Better process of ordering materials.
I use a kanban system that works great. It is a huge help! I just can’t stock everything I need for these larger jobs. Plus I would need to get a much larger shop.

Topic starter Posted : 26/08/2018 2:42 pm

You must go to the source upstream and find out why these mistakes are being made...solve the problem there. Paul

Posted : 30/08/2018 1:45 am