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My cross over box


A few years ago I contacted Paul, about making some dividers for my cross over box. I was really pumped about the idea. I would haul around a ton of tools. I wanted to have all of my "core tools" with me, and I wanted them organized. Paul didn't bite on the idea, but that didn't discourage me. I spent a ton of time building boxs to house everything. I had a couple heavy gauge extension cords, worm drive saw, sawzaw, cordless drill, my veto pro pac, and a Paslode. I got a ton of comments from other contractors and friends. But the issue I found was that I rarely needed all of them. The tools I did need to complete the days task were either in tha cab with me or sliding around in the bed of my truck. Here's a pic of my cross over box now. Now I load it up with whatever I need, and only what I need to complete the days tasks.

Topic starter Posted : 17/11/2016 8:02 am