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Training & Development Australia, otherwise called T&D Australia is a business owned and run by Legal Training & Development Australia Pty Ltd (Company Number: 627001). The Business was established in 1975 by Gavan Reilly & Ray Wilson as Training & Development Australia Ltd.. It was later taken over by its present owners, John Young and Hugh Rutherford, in 1996. The business now provides a selection of services that are aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of the various organizations using its products or services. These services are designed and implemented for the overall benefit of the businesses, the professional services providers and the customers.

T&D's aim is to enhance the performance of its customers in their respective industries, thereby helping them achieve or maintain competitive advantage. Their solutions are designed and implemented in accordance with the needs and working styles of their customers. They conduct training programs and seminars on a broad assortment of topics like training courses for new managers, training courses for supervisors, and training courses for employees. They also offer specialized training courses, which may be tailored according to the specific needs of the client.

The training courses offered by T&D are unique in character and supply the necessary knowledge and skills in order to improve the functioning of the employees. Additionally, they help to enhance the overall production of the organization. This includes raising the productivity of the workers and providing a better quality of work to them. The training sessions offered by T&D are facilitated by experienced and professional trainers who impart effective training and develop their own experience on various training related topics. T&D also ensures that all the trainees are equipped with complete knowledge about the topics they're learning and consequently, remain capable of applying it in the workplace.

T&D's training courses and workshops are designed in a fashion which makes them easy to understand and implement. As a result, they be sure that the coaches take maximum advantage of their time by preparing them well before they start the training session. T&D organize regular training workshops and conferences to improve the level of service delivery. T&D have the ability to keep an interactive and consultative approach with its customers to be able to provide them with the best T&D services on the marketplace.

T&D is a private limited company headquartered in Australia with a total workforce of over 1200 people. The business has recently expanded into New Zealand and Hong Kong. T&D's head office is located in Melbourne and its major operations centers are located in Perth and Auckland. T&D's training courses are worldwide recognized and use cutting edge technology so as to deliver the very best training programs to their customers.

T&D's main business is the supply of training and development to the businesses they work with both large and small. T&D aim at developing a solid foundation for any company at any stage through professional development courses and workshops. They offer leadership, development, engineering, sales, project management, networking, technical support, networking, and many other fields where any business can benefit through their comprehensive aid. T&D also provides professional development seminars for up and coming executives.

T&D's development and training courses are divided into two streams namely the executive and the non executive trainings. Executive training includes various facets of management such as strategic planning, performance management, leadership, financial & accounting and information systems. Non executive training classes are specialized in various fields such as technical training, quality training, hospitality and foodservice training, communication training, project management training, and HR training. Additionally, T&D Australia offers S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) services. T&D also provides various P & C (Payment Card and client Corruptcy) services.

The development and training Australia provides is unique in its approach. T&D applies an approach that perceives a company as a set of processes instead of a product to be sold. This enables a business to build processes that drive business rather than products. T&D helps in designing training programs that are relevant to the Australian business environment. Thus, T&D aids in improving organizational development.


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